SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – NFL veterans Michael Vick, Champ Bailey and Devin Hester reportedly won’t be re-signed by their respective teams – the Eagles, the Broncos and the Bears.

John Madden discounts rumors that Vick might be headed to Oakland.

“When you have a quarterback out there, a veteran quarterback, then you are going to just go through a list of teams that need a quarterback and say that’s where they’re going to go,” Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “I would guess that the Raiders are looking to get a fresh start and a new quarterback and do it through the draft. That would be my guess. Not going the free agency route.”

Madden said Vick, Bailey and Hester have one thing in common.

“All those guys lost their speed…If you look at Vick and Hester and Champ Bailey, they all had speed. And as speed gets old, it starts to go, and you have to be able to do other things.” Madden said all three should be able to continue playing somewhere if they’re willing to take a significant pay cut. “Someone will take a shot at them.” (6:10)

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