By Tom Stienstra

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KCBS Outdoors Reporter Tom Stienstra:


(KCBS) – In the outdoors, every day starts with the faith that something good will happen. Then along the way, you can have a magic encounter you never knew was coming. This story started when I saw a newborn fawn. It staggered to take its first steps. Momma was alongside.

I returned to the area with my camera and then hid behind a bush. But a jay started squawking. That’s how birds warn wildlife about intruders, you know.

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Through the zoom lens, I looked close. The jay was not looking at me. I turned my head in time to spot movement in a bush. A moment later, a fox emerged. It walked right out in the open. Sure of itself. The fox then hopped on a large boulder. My only sound was the click of the camera.

The fox turned and stared straight at the noise. But I was well hid and it didn’t see me. I pressed the button a second time. Got it! Best photo of the year for me.

You never know when things like this will happen in the outdoors.

The only guarantee is if you don’t try. Then it’s a sure thing nothing will happen. If you venture out today, who knows what magic may await you.


What sets you free? Hike. Bike. Camp. Fish. Boat. Wildlife watch. Explore.



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