SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— This week marks the last day that Microsoft will offer support for its popular XP operating system. The company followed up XP with Vista, which got a fair share of bad reviews when it was introduced.

Tuesday, April 8th is the important date. If you have XP, you need to move on. Normally I don’t buy into hype, but this is not hype. Once Microsoft stops supporting XP, it becomes a sitting duck for all the malware and viruses.

Unless you intend on taking your computer offline, I definitely would not run Windows XP after this date.

There’s not only individuals who haven’t upgraded, but companies as well. They don’t want the hassle of re-training staff and they don’t want to go to Windows 8, which also got a negative response when it was introduced.

The good news is you may be able to go to Windows 7 on the same machine. Some people are really going to have to buy a new computer because their current computer may not have the horsepower for even Windows 7, let alone 8.1.

I think version 7 is as good as, if not, better than XP. As far as 8 goes, I’ve had my qualms and reservations.


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