By Brandon Mercer

(CBS SF) — Baseball players’ weight has always been a hot topic, as the really heavy hitters truly tipped the scales.  Pablo “Panda” Sandoval’s weight loss and gain and loss gets more attention than his batting average. He’s listed at 245 pounds, but was at 275 last season.  For a 5’11” guy, 245 pounds puts him at a Body Mass Index or BMI of 34.2, which is still considered obese.  But how do ALL the teams stack up?

The MLB’s 40-man rosters are out, and anyone with an Excel spreadsheet can quickly size up the teams.

Who’s biggest in baseball?  The Seattle Mariners, with an average weight of over 217 pounds.  The Giants and A’s look puny in comparison at 209.5 and 208.5 respectively.

So, is Seattle just really tall, or are they hefty? Based on an average height of 6’2.5″, their BMI is 27.5, or just under Babe Ruth, who was 27.6, and considered portly for the time.  Today though, players are bigger than ever.

Mariners 217.0732
Astros 216.0256
Braves 215.7955
Dodgers 215.7143
Pirates 215.1282
Giants 209.5
Oakland A’s 208.5366

ALL TEAM ROSTERS: Team Rosters From CBS Sports

GIANTS PABLO SANDOVAL: Player weight, height, stats

BODY MASS INDEX: Put in your height and weight and see how you compare to baseball players


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