SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Google’s high tech glasses are usually sold only to people invited to buy them. But the company made them available for one day only on Tuesday to anyone in the U.S. who wants to buy them.

Technology aside it seems to be a brilliant marketing scheme. We have a really expensive product that you can only obtain publically on one-day only. Limit the supply and create the demand.

Personally I think $1,500 is a bit steep if it’s ever going to be a mainstream product. If it’s going to be mainstreamed, it’s got to be $600 or less.

I’ve tried Glass and I think they’re kind of cool, but we already have and will continue to see other wearable devices on the market, like watches.

Google Glass could make some improvement in areas of voice recognition and their interface, but it is getting better. With Glass you don’t really have a keyboard; you have a control pad for when voice recognition doesn’t work.

Mainly Google’s biggest obstacle is going to be to convince people that they’re desirable. Of course there’s been a huge backlash against them with some of the so-called explorers experiencing theft and even violence against them for wearing the tech specs right here in San Francisco.

People are worried about their privacy, being photographed and captured on video unknowingly. It’s really become another symbol for all the animosity towards more affluent techies.


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