How To Win The CBS National Bracket Challenge? Listen To Dad, And Trust Your Gut

99.7 [NOW!] Staff
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Kentucky 54 v UConn 60

OAKLAND (CBS SF) —  The second place national winner for the CBS Local Bracket Challenge in the NCAA  Tournament had actually never done any kind of brackets before, but Lija Koch listened to her dad growing up, and apparently had the instincts to win the second biggest prize in the nation.

The 99.7 [NOW!] listener heard about the challenge while listening to Fernando & Greg, and figured why not.

“Growing up I always watched college basketball with my dad especially when it came to March Madness.  I always knew UConn was a big one that made it a lot so I chose them,” Koch said.  “But for the most part I kind just picked teams that were favored.  I never saw Harvard going as far as they did, that’s for sure!”


“I thought my bracket wouldn’t do so well in the beginning with Greg from 99.7 [NOW]! talking about strategy and upsets,” but turns out, she was a winner.

It may helped that she listened closely to a professional broadcaster, though.

“I absolutely love 99.7 [NOW!] and the Fernando and Greg Show and am a huge fan and listen every day!”

That’s a winning combination for all of us!

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