ORLAND, Glenn County (CBS SF) — Federal investigators will look at surveillance video of a FedEx driver hours before his truck crashed into a tour bus last week, killing him and nine other people on Interstate 5 north of Sacramento.

The day of the crash outside of Orland in Glenn County, FedEx driver Tim Evans drove from Sacramento to Humboldt County to make a delivery in the town of Weed, where he also picked up two new trailers before heading back South.

Investigators will look back 72-hours at cell phone records and surveillance video of Evans to look for clues into the crash.

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NTSB investigators say evidence on the asphalt doesn’t indicate Evans hit the truck’s brakes before crossing the median, sideswiping a sedan and slamming into the bus.

Skid marks on I-5 suggested the tour bus driver did brake and swerve to try to avoid the impact.

Both the big rig and bus both have black box-like devices called electronic control modules, but they may not be much help to investigators.

“The one on the truck was destroyed – destroyed in the post impact fire. However, we can look at aspects of steering, and other pieces that did survive to possibly get a sense of the speed range and the revolutions of the wheels to maybe even know the direction they were in,” said Mark Rosekind of the NTSB.


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