The CHP has released several tapes of the frantic calls to 9-1-1 right after the tragic crash between a tour bus full of students and a FedEx truck on I-5, near Orland. Ten people died in the crash.

Listen to Full 911 Audio from the Orland Crash:

Excerpts From Transcripts

Tape 1
CALLER: Well, there’s someone coming out. It looks like a huge wreck.
And there’s a bus just exploded
CALLER: Yes, there was just an accident on I-5
It just exploded. Whatever was on the freeway is on fire.
I’m running over to see what it is.

Tape 2
CALLER: I’d like to report an accident?
DISPATCHER: Is this Southbound 5, just south of …7?
Yeah… we’re on our way.

Tape 3
DISPATCHER : 911 emergency what are you reporting?
CALLER: It’s right here by Date Street
CALLER: In town, by date street it was by I-5 There’s like a lot of fire. There’s gonna be an explosion
DISPATCHER: I know there was an explosion, was it on the freeway?
DISPATCHER: It was on the freeway.
CALLER: Oh (expletive) did you hear that?

Tape 4:
CALLER: “I was in a car accident. I was in a travel bus and we crashed into a fedex truck…”
DISPATCHER: Is this on southbound i-5?
CALLER: I don’t know where we are.
DISPATCHER: We have medical help coming your way okay?
CALLER: Okay… we were in a bus. Like a travel bus.
DISPATCHER: Where were you coming from and to?
CALLER:…we were coming from LA and we’re going to Humboldt university to Orland…
DISPATCHER: How many people were on the bus
CALLER: There were 43 people and students… and uh three chaperones and the bus driver. That’s all we know.

Tape 5:
DISPATCHER: Are you still on the bus or off the bus at this point?
CALLER: “Everyone is off the bus, the bus is on fire.”
DISPATCHER: I understand that, but are you away from it?
CALLER: Yeah we are getting away from the bus actually.
DISPATCHER: Okay, go as far away as you can safely get. Okay?
CALLER: okay … Audible crying…

Tape 6:
DISPATCHER: What did the bus hit?
CALLER: It hit…crying… I guess on the left side…it hit …
DISPATCHER: What did the bus hit.
CALLER: The bus hit the FedEx truck. But the FedEx truck hit into us.
DISPATCHER: Was it head on?
CALLER: Yeah head on.
DISPATCHER: Are both the lanes blocked I assume?
CALLER: No it’s only one side of…uh….uh…(crying)…I don’t.. uh… I don’t…(crying)

Tape 7:
CALLER: I need to report an accident between a semi and a tour bus… we have massive fire and we have all kinds of students out on the highway right now. From the tour bus.

Tape 9:
CALLER: I Just saw a FedEx bus go across the median and crash…


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