Fire Marshal Shuts Down Classrooms At A Santa Rosa High School Over Safety Violations

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Smoke detector ( FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images)

Smoke detector ( FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images)

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SANTA ROSA (KCBS)— A Santa Rosa high school has shut down several classrooms after the local fire marshal uncovered a series of safety code violations. A building leased by the school had been operating for years without fire and smoke alarms and other safety equipment.

Santa Rosa Fire Department Senior Fire Inspector Scott Boone said Roseland University Prep High School had been renting out a nearby commercial space that was converted into classrooms.

“There was improper exiting, there was no notification devices in the form of fire alarm equipment that would be tied into the main campus. So if something did occur, they could be notified as well,” he said.

Fire Marshall Shuts Down Classrooms At A Santa Rosa High School

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Boone said the classrooms lacked fire extinguishers and overhead sprinklers. The classrooms were closed and the students were transferred into the main school building.

School officials were not immediately available for comment, but fire officials said the district could face fines and that they wanted to ensure safety.

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