LAFAYETTE (CBS SF) — A Lafayette man is training for a record-breaking swim across Lake Michigan, from Milwaukee to Chicago this august.

If Jamie Patrick completes the swim, it will be the longest recorded marathon swim in history at 71 miles.

Saturday morning, commuters on the Bay Bridge may spot Patrick training, as he swims around Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island.

Patrick’s longest swim so far lasted 31 hours, 26 minutes.

He says his 8 year old daughter motivates him, “I do it because it shows my daughter that by working hard and suffering great things can happen.  I do not have a death wish, I have a desire and passion to really live.  My philosophy is that living is about doing.  I just choice to do extreme swims.  The thing that motivates me the most is knowing that I can get through the pain, because I have done it before.”

GREAT LAKE SWIM: Official Website

Every day he is focused on the upcoming attempt, and being in the water is part of his life.

“I love living life at water level. I find peace being in the water,” he said.

As for plans after the swim, Patrick said he’s just focusing on getting to the end.

“I try not to think about after the swim. My days are filled with the swim itself. Every training lap in the pool, and every mile in the open water I dream about the swim. When I am done, I then will begin the process of what is next,” he said.



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