Salmon Fishermen Anticipate Good Catch This Year

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Catching salmon should be easy this year, with more than a million adult king salmon estimated to be swimming off the Northern California coast, fishermen said.

“It looks like it’ll be a decent year. It’s not going to be quite as good as last year, but there are fish out there,” said John McManus, executive director of the Golden Gate Salmon Association.

The sense that this will be a good year permeated ships from Half Moon Bay to Bodega Bay and beyond heading out to ocean waters Thursday at the start of the commercial salmon season.

“When we get really wet years, like in 2010 and 2011, we get a lot more salmon,” McManus said. The future, however, is not so bright.

“When we’re in drought like we’re in now, a couple years from now, we can expect a depression.”

What the dry weather won’t impact is the demand for fresh wild king salmon, considered be tastier to farm-raised or frozen salmon and worth the price of $12 – $13 per pound price.

Fresh wild salmon from Northern California should be available in stores and restaurants by Monday, McManus said.

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    Salmon Fishermen Anticipate Good Catch This Year « CBS San Francisco

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