SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – It turns out Leland Yee may not have been the only big name caught up in that FBI San Francisco sting operation.

As Phil Matier first reported in the Chronicle, Joe Montana was also approached by an undercover agent. Matier’s sources said the 49er legend, who has been involved in some development deals, was contacted with a “business proposition.”

The FBI isn’t confirming or denying the report, but Montana was never named in the probe or charged and there is no indication the Hall of Fame Quarterback did anything wrong.

Suspended State Senator Yee was one of 26 people arrested in a federal corruption probe involving bribery and weapons dealing.

Matier said that a judge who’s involved in the case, and was privy to the all the wiretaps made, is preparing to issues an order barring public discussions with attorneys involved.

“Some of the wiretaps include people who have been looked at, or were approached but basically nothing happened and they were cleared and innocent; and to mix them up in case, he’s not to crazy about doing that,” he said.

Matier said the FBI sting operations are not just being done here. He mentioned the investigation that involved state Sen. Ron Calderon in Southern California.

“They are very, very active and it doesn’t take much to get them on your tail,” he said.

Matier also said the large amount of investigations of the innocent people, like Montana, could be used to bolster the defense attorneys’ argument that the entire operation was a fishing expedition to entrap their clients.

“The problem for their clients whether they be state Sen. Leland Yee, Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow or former School Board President Keith Jackson is that these are ones that allegedly bit,” he said.


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