By Larry Magid

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Sometimes on Twitter there are people you follow who might just tweet a bit too much for your tastes. The micro-blogging site has come out with a new feature called “mute”, a button that allows you to silence the offending over-tweeters without them knowing.

Even some of the people I follow on Twitter are about to get silenced, but not most. They can still send me instant messages and continue to follow me so there will sort of still be a relationship, they just won’t be crowding my feed anymore.

Previously you would have to un-follow the person’s tweets you were annoyed by and they could potentially notice your action against them. This is more of an on the sly way of ignoring someone you’re following and might even be friends with.

Twitter has a block feature, but that’s more of a privacy option where they are not allowed to follow you.

Facebook has had similar features to what Twitter is doing with “mute”. They’ve allowed users to remain friends, but then there’s an option where one user can block or restrict another user’s posts so they don’t have to see them in their news feed. This can also be accomplished by demoting that friend to an acquaintance.

You can also make it so you can only see this so-called Facebook friend’s major-life event posts such as engagements through some of these options.


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