Oakland To Spend Next Several Weeks Fixing Major Pothole Problem

OAKLAND (KCBS) – Thousands of potholes are expected to be fixed in the coming weeks in Oakland, part of an annual blitz to fix city streets.

Crews on Thursday were filling potholes on 106th Avenue, the first of many roads to be repaired. “For the next seven weeks, each week, we’ll take one city council district and we’ll pave as many potholes as we can,” said Oakland Mayor Jean Quan. “Usually by the time we’re done, we’re up to 2,000-4,000.”

Oakland To Spend Next Several Weeks Fixing Major Pothole Problem

mayor quan Oakland To Spend Next Several Weeks Fixing Major Pothole Problem
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Mayor Quan herself reported a pothole problem on 106th Avenue with an app on her cellphone called SeeClickFix, and Assistant Public Works Director Jason Mitchell said mobile reporting is catching on.

“Since we started SeeClickFix, our intake in our call center has increased 30 percent,” Mitchell said. “And a lot through mobile apps. One of the exciting things about SeeClickFix is engaging a new user, a younger generation of Oakland.”

In California, many cities fund their street repair through gas taxes, which have gone down with more efficient cars.

Mayor Quan said she is hoping for more regional money for Oakland street repair, citing the fact that because it is a port city, Oakland sees more heavy truck traffic than suburban areas.

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