Among the topics at the NFL owners meetings in Atlanta this week is an expanded playoffs schedule.

“Eventually it’s going to happen,” John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “It’s not going to happen this year.”

The plan would add two more teams to the playoff mix for a total of 14. Madden said the decision will most likely be part of a new TV package that will also include weekly Thursday night games.

“I think when they get it all together it’s going to be the Thursday night package, and then expanded playoffs, and then the different television carriers will get more games in the playoffs. It’s a lot bigger than just saying aye or nay… They won’t do it this year. I would be surprised if they do it next year, but they very well could. And I would expect that in ’16 is when they would do it.”

The NFL owners are expected to choose a 2018 Super Bowl site from contenders New Orleans, Indianapolis and Minneapolis.

“New Orleans is always the favorite,” Madden said. “The NFL loves New Orleans.

They love having the Super Bowl there. People seem to like to go there and be part of that scene…. I think it’s theirs to lose.”

The Bay Area will host the Super Bowl in 2016, when the game will be played at the 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara. (7:35)

(Listen to the John Madden segment live weekday mornings at 8:15 on KCBS All News 740 AM/106.9 FM.)


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