SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The person who has been hiding cash and posting clues on Twitter in recent days is heading back to the Bay Area after a busy weekend in Southern California.

On Wednesday night the mystery money giver behind the Twitter account @HiddenCash, who says he made his fortune in real estate development, was caught on camera making his first SoCal drop.

“I was actually coming to L.A. for business not related to this but I thought ‘what great timing’ because this thing is really taking off,” he told CBS 2.

He created a frenzy with scavenger hunts clues that sent roving hordes of money-seekers across the region.

On Sunday, bottles stuffed with $20 bills turned up around a dog park in Los Angeles, under the shadow of the Hollywood sign.

Now the madness is heading back to the Bay Area, where ‘Epic’ money drops are promised.

The @HiddenCash Twitter feed has gained more than 429,000 followers since arriving on the scene with treasure hunt clues less than two weeks ago.


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