Rowing Race Tests Boaters’ Endurance On Pacific Journey From Monterey To Hawaii

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Waves at San Francisco's Ocean Beach. (AP)

Waves at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. (AP)

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MONTEREY (KCBS)— The Great Pacific Race, a rowing competition where 13 crews in 24-foot boats row more than 2,400 miles from Monterey across the Pacific to Waikiki Hawaii, began Monday.

The journey is part of what is called the world’s first rowing race on the Pacific, but was delayed two days due to gusty winds on Saturday.

There are solo crews, duals, and teams of four that mix men and women and people of all ages. Weather permitting and depending on the crew’s size, the fastest trip could take 30 to 40 days; others could take as long as three months.

Rowing Race Tests Boaters’ Endurance On Pacific Journey From Monterey To Hawaii

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The oldest sailor is Jim Bauer, 65, from San Diego.

“I’m just excited to honor my existence by doing something extraordinary,” Bauer said.

The race’s director, Chris Martin, of London said the competitors range from self- employed pool cleaners to accountants to “real high-end endurance athletes”.

Martin said there are no engines, motors, not even sails.

“Every inch that the boat moves towards Hawaii is just down to the muscle of the crew,” he said.

As far as any prize goes, the competitors will have to settle for pride and a trophy since there is no cash prize.

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