PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (CBS SF) — A Texas-based company that makes precision-guided firearms and weapons technology has unveiled a prototype system that uses Google Glass to allow shooters to aim and fire around corners or behind objects providing cover.

TrackingPoint manufactures weapons with enhanced sighting and tracking technology. The company has developed what it calls a ‘ShotView’ streaming app that works on Google Glass.

The ShotView technology, paired with a specialized semi-automatic rifle, would allow a shooter to hold the weapon away from their face and aim using a scope that connects wirelessly to the Glass display, according to TrackingPoint.

The scope streams video of the target view to the wearable computer and can also network with other devices such as smartphones and tablets. The video can also be recorded and downloaded.

A representative for TrackingPoint told the Huffington Post there were no plans to make the Google Glass app available to consumers. However, the ShotView system has been available to download for smartphones and tablets since last year.




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