Pacifica Woman Tells Police A Coyote Took Off With Her Dog

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(David McNew/Getty Images)

PACIFICA (KCBS)— Pacifica police are warning residents to keep an eye on their pets after a woman reported her dog was taken by a coyote Wednesday morning.

Pacifica Police Captain Joe Spanheimer said the incident happened around 6:30 a.m.

“A woman had let her small dog out in a fenced back yard and she watched from her kitchen window as she watched a large-grey coyote hop her fence and then make off with her dog,” he said.

The woman lives in the Park Pacifica area, not far from open space, and neighbors say wildlife sightings are common.

“It’s loaded with wildlife, deer, coyotes, mountain lions,” Pacifica resident David McCarroll said.

Captain Spanheimer said pet owners should keep their animals close in a fenced yard if possible, not to feed wild animals, and that food and garbage shouldn’t ever be left outside.

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