Rescued El Dorado Cow Thinks She’s A Dog

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS SF) — Milkshake is visibly a cow in appearance, but the rescued bovine is more likely to exhibit the qualities of her canine companions.

She was saved from an abusive owner fours years ago by the Grace Foundation, an animal rescue organization in El Dorado County. Now she lives on a ranch in the Sierra foothills in the company of dogs.

Her new owner Beth DeCaprio said she didn’t spend much time around other cows in her previous situation.

“She really doesn’t know,” DeCaprio said. “She was never really around another cow. We got a cow friend for her.”

She feels comfortable with the pack, and like a dog, she’s even tried to get in the backseat of Beth’s car. And when Milkshake is invited, she has no problem hanging out in the house.

But Milkshake has some issues to work though. She gets separation anxiety when DeCaprio leaves the ranch.

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