By Brandon Mercer

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — After Tweetdeck’s security issue Tuesday featuring tweets from your accounts showing random codes and hearts, and then some Tweetdeck pop-up messages that featuring the male anatomy and Rick Astley lyrics, you may be looking for options.

While Twitter is patching Tweetdeck, here are three alternatives if you don’t want to use the Twitter-owned platform.

These are not endorsed by CBS SF, but merely a list that our staff has tried and thought worth mentioning.  Everyone has different needs, so you need to play around and see what is easiest and best for you.

HOOTSUITE: Free, easy to use.  Similar in function to Tweetdeck, and works with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more.  It provides algorithms to maximize the reach of what you post, and track how your accounts are doing, dashboard style. If you manage several accounts with other people, be aware with the free version, only one of you can control the pages through Hootsuite, but this isn’t an issue if you’re only using your own pages.  Easy to use apps too.

BUFFER APP: You can schedule posts and tweets directly from the article you’re on using a browser extension. It also lets you set your scheduled times in advance, for specific times, and then it will tweet at the time schedule you chose.

TWEETCASTER: Like Tweetdeck, it’s a Twitter app not an overall social media management system, but if that’s what you need, it has good reviews in Beta testing. Easy retweets, with comments, filters, easy lists, Android and IOS. Free, but with a pro version.  It is ONLY for mobile, however. There’s no desktop version.



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