Golden Gate Bridge Secures Full Funding For Suicide Barrier

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Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point. (James Irwin/CBS)

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MARIN COUNTY (KCBS) – California will provide the final bit of money needed to build and install a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge, state officials said Thursday.

The Golden Gate Bridge District had been $7 million short of $76 million needed to install a steel net that will hang two stories below the entire length of the bridge. The net will extend out two stories below the bridge deck.

Advocates hope the suicide barrier will finally end decades of tragedies that have taken the lives of more than 1,400 people.

“We are putting a stop to 77 years of needless death and survivor family devastation,” said Kevin Hines, who survived a suicide attempt on the bridge.

Hines said he regretted his decision the very second his hands left the bridge rail

Golden Gate Bridge Secures Full Funding For Suicide Barrier

ggbridge Golden Gate Bridge Secures Full Funding For Suicide Barrier
KCBS Radio

Other funding for the barrier comes from bridge tolls, Caltrans, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Prop 63, the state’s mental health initiative.

Bridge officials estimate building the barrier should take about three years.

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