2 Vallejo Businesses Take The Lead In Fundraising To Preserve 4th Of July Fireworks

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VALLEJO (KCBS)— A fireworks show remains on hold in Vallejo where merchants and residents are trying to raise money for the annual 4th of July display, but they’re closing in on the $15,000 goal.

What’s a 4th of July without a fireworks show? The skies did not light up in Vallejo in 2009. Since then Victory Stores owner Raymond Prather and barbeque restaurant owner of Gracie’s, Ken Ingersoll, have both gone to bat for the community.

“We’ve been raising the money for the fireworks for the last five years. So we’re really excited about that,” Prather said.

2 Vallejo Businesses Take The Lead In Fundraising To Preserve 4th Of July Fireworks

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He added that donations continue to trickle in and that he’s confident there will be a fireworks display this year.

“We’ve had people coming in all day long, giving five-10 bucks, writing checks. It’s definitely become a community effort,” he said.

Prather said one elderly woman pulled a $20 bill from her purse and donated toward the cause. Prather is collecting money jars and checks, most of which, he says, have been in the $50 to $100 dollar range.

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