STOCKTON (CBS) — A Northern California Grand Jury has indicted Jeremy Meeks, the “hot convict” whose mugshot went viral because of his Calvin Klein-model good looks.

The indictment charges the 30-year-old felony suspect with possession of a semiautomatic .45 caliber pistol that was transported across state borders in the commission of Grand Theft.

Meeks could face a year in prison. He is currently being held in jail on $1,050,000 bail after Stockton police arrested him on 7 felony charges ranging from “street terrorism” to resisting arrest.

Mug shot of Jeremy Meeks on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page. (Stockton Police)

Mug shot of Jeremy Meeks on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page. (Stockton Police)

Meeks’ mugshot earned him over 71,000 likes, and 21,000 comments on Facebook, as women all over the cyber-world responded to his baby-blue eyes and chiseled looks. A rumor that Meeks had even been tapped for a modeling career with Blaze Modelz was disputed on Tuesday. A representative from the agency told Gawker that Meeks hasn’t signed a contract.

Meantime, Meeks, a father and husband insists he has reformed. His mother has launched a campaign on to raise money for his defense.

After blowing up on Facebook and inspiring hashtags like #FelonCrushFriday, a seemingly modest Meeks told in Sacramento, “I appreciate that but I just want them to know that this is really not me, like, I’m not some kingpin.”

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