SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is following up on reports that terrorists may try to target planes by turning cell phones into undetectable bombs.

People boarding flights may have to power up their electronic devices before being allowed to get on planes as a new TSA security measure.

As a frequent flyer myself, obviously I don’t like the inconvenience of this new rule, but it’s hard to second guess security. Theoretically you could have your phone confiscated if you have a dead battery or maybe you’ll just miss your flight because you’re busy charging your battery or someone ahead of you has to. It’s too early to say.

I actually was asked a few months ago to turn on my laptop even though this ruling just came down.

The important thing is that there are reports of terrorists from certain pars of the world that have developed phone bombs that could damage airplanes, so I understand why this policy would be put into place.


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