SAN JOSE (KCBS)— Some business owners in Silicon Valley are up in arms over the state threatening $500 a day fines for excessive water use and feel it isn’t the right approach.

In East San Jose, business owners said threats like this only serves to alienate people.

“They see it as a punishment where they’re just trying to raise families and run businesses. Water is something we use every day. It’s a necessity, it’s not a luxury.” If you look around the neighborhoods, we’re all letting our lawns go brown,” said Ruben Garcia, a member of the Story Road Business Association.

Yolanda Perez with the Santa Clara Valley Water District spoke with the business association about things they could do to save water.

“Businesses can help save water because we can offer commercial rebate programs. For example, we give up to about $1,000 for commercial load steamers, for air-cooled ice machines. That’s one way businesses and apartment folks can save water,” said Perez.

The water district is meeting with other businesses and community groups as well as homeowner associations to spread the word about the drought’s severity.


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