SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Most Uber passengers are accustomed to rating their drivers after the ride, but many were shocked to learn that drivers are doing the same thanks to a simple hack that let passengers see their average score.

But it didn’t last for long. The San Francisco-based ride share company shut it down within a few hours of finding out what was happening Sunday night.

All it took to find out your score was a simple copy and paste of a code shared by Medium blogger Aaron Landy. Before Sunday, it wasn’t publicly known that Uber drivers were even rating their passengers.

Those curious to see how they scored could take the code, log into their Uber accounts on Google Chrome, hit Command+Option+J to open a window, then copy and paste the code. Instantaneously, a window would appear with the passenger’s username and score.

Uber Quickly Shut Downs Hack That Showed Secret Passenger Rating

(Aaron Landy)

The hack trick made waves across Twitter Sunday with people sharing their scores, some joking about their lower than expected rating.

But only a few hours later, Landy tweeted out that the hack was discovered by Uber and was no longer working. If you tried checking your score after midnight, it would come up as “undefined.”



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