California Lawmakers Consider Anti-Gun Violence Restraining Order

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Guns for sale at Templar Sports in Los Gatos. (CBS)

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EMERYVILLE (KCBS)— The deadly Isla Vista shootings last spring has prompted state lawmakers to consider an anti-gun violence, restraining order measure.

The bill by Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) is modeled on California’s domestic violence restraining order laws and would allow for the temporary removal of a firearm from individuals who are at risk for committing acts of violence.

Skinner is teaming with lawmakers from the Santa Barbara area to support the measure, but the bill is out of committee and could be taken up by the Senate by the end of the month.

California Lawmakers Consider Anti-Gun Violence Restraining Order

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“Will this prevent all gun violence?” Skinner asked. “No. But what it does do is recognize that family members are often the first to see the sign that someone is at risk.”

In Santa Barbara, the parents of the disturbed shooter tried, but failed to get help before their son’s killing spree.

This bill would allow police or family to ask a judge to grant an order prohibiting firearms purchase or possession.

Sam Peredes, president of the Gun Owners of California voiced his concerns.

“We think that the unintended consequence of this is that you will have people who have a fear of somebody and they know they have guns and they request a restraining order to be issued,” Peredes said.

The bill may be heard by the state Senate by the end of the month. Texas, Indiana and Connecticut already have similar laws.

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