MARIN COUNTY (CBS SF) — Police were called to a home in Marin County’s Strawberry neighborhood Wednesday evening to discover a man shot to death and another body, right next door, in the neighbor’s yard.

Sheriff’s deputies are treating the case as a double homicide.

The Sheriff’s Office got the call at about 8 p.m. Wednesday evening after the family of a 61-year-old man who was killed in his backyard at 154 Carlotta Circle came home to find him.

“A bullet was discovered,” said Lt. Doug Pittman. “At that point we realized this was more than just a medical event, this was crime.”

While checking other homes in the neighborhood, deputies discovered the house next door at 152 Carlotta Circle had an open rear door and they found a second man dead with a gunshot wound and a gun next to his body in the backyard of that home.

“This is definitely a homicide involving two people,” Pittman said. “The question is, what type of circumstance is this?”

Investigators did bring up the possibility of a murder-suicide. The names of the two victims are not yet being released.

“Not really the kind of thing that I would expect in Mill Valley,” said Ian Jensen, who was doing landscaping work down the street when he heard a gunshot at 1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. “Didn’t really hear anything after that, no cars peeling out or anything, so I’m not really sure what went down when.”

Investigators will have Carlotta Circle blocked off for most of Thursday.


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