By Da Lin

NAPA (KPIX 5) — At least 500 families are still without water after Sunday’s earthquake struck the Napa Valley. Officials said they are finding new leaks and the number could go higher.

“No water, no water throughout the house,” said Jim Caie, who has been without running water for four days.


“The worst part of it is being dirty. You can’t clean yourself up as well as you’d like to,” Caie said.

Twice a day, he comes to an emergency water station to fill up his coolers and buckets to bring home. It has become a struggle to carry all that water inside his home.

A sinkhole is why 19 homes on Caie’s block are still without water.

“This is pretty much unprecedented. Normally, a water main break is one break,” said Napa city spokesperson Barry Martin.

The city said they fix one break, only to see a few more breaks pop up on the same line. That’s why they’re fixing more leaks than initially reported.

“For example, last night while they were fixing several dozen leaks, they discovered five new ones. It’s kind of like you squeeze the balloon, it bulges out somewhere else,” Martin said.

As of Wednesday morning, Napa still has 83 known leaks. The city is racing to restore water for all customers by Friday.


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