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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Some movies are so bad we become desperate. I saw Cameron Diaz in ‘The Other Woman’ when I came back home from Rome on a plane. It was so terrible; I was looking forward to turbulence. When a movie comes along that is worth seeing it’s such a relief.

‘Love is Strange’ introduces us to two cool seniors who have been together four decades. They decide to formally tie the knot in their beloved Manhattan. The religious school where one of them teaches does not approve, and the result takes their lives down and almost out.

They become victims of the real estate market; face ageism and health- care challenges. As sad as it sounds, the humanity is always there, brought to life by John Lithgow and Alfred Molina with fine support from Marisa Tomei and others. Many films these days leave us feeling nothing. While this one is still flawed, it touches our hearts and make us feel compassion for seniors.

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