NEWARK (KCBS) – There is some support for an embattled Newark Memorial High School teacher, who has come under fire over posts on social networking site Twitter.

The Twitter posts by Krista Hodges included the statements “I already wanna stab kids” and that some students “make my trigger finger feel itchy.”

At Tuesday’s Newark Unified School District Board meeting, many vented frustration over the lack of action by the school district.

“I’ll tell you that if the kids had wrote those nasty tweets, you know that they would have been expelled or worse and not just smacked on the hand,” said one concerned parent.

But not everyone agreed. Senior Tristan Mosier spoke in support of Hodges and said she was not the monster many have made her out to be.

“I feel that if you were to choose to fire her, that you would be getting rid of probably the only teacher in that school that actually cares about her students,” Mosier said at the board meeting.

Hodges has received a written reprimand for her tweets, but has so far not been fired.

“The district deplores and disavows the statements that were made by Mrs. Hodges,” stated Newark Unified interim Superintendent Tim Erwin.

Newark police said their investigation into the matter is ongoing.


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