Commentary by Brandon Mercer

Rally Raiders
No haters
Throw shade at the traitors
We bleed silver and black
Stop looking back
Losses and wins don’t make us
We are the Black Hole, can’t shake us
Al Davis has made us.

‘Just win baby’ our hashtag
We raise our black flag.
Commitment to excellence no crime
This Thursday is hella time.
Coach Sparano and Derek Carr
This is your time. Go to war.
We will beat the Chiefs
Change beliefs

Raiders nation
Our foundation
True believers on station
Any location
Oakland or San Anton’
Forever Skull and Crossbone

Stop passing the buck
We don’t give a @$!#
Get in the stands
Raise up your hands
We’ve taken our licks
It’s time for a fix
We win Thursday on KPIX
GAME TIME: Thursday, 11/20 @ 5:00 p.m. on KPIX 5


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