KCBS_740SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The Bay Area is home to what’s believed to be the first-ever pinball league for women only.

Ten pinball machines at a bar in San Francisco’s Mission District speak to a renaissance of the game.

Echa Schneider is easy to spot – the only woman in Gestalt Haus dominating one of its pinball machines before a guy with a beer in his hand and his jaw about to hit the floor.

Schneider is the founder of a pinball league, Belles & Chimes.

“I try to warn people, I’m pretty good,” she said.

Schneider says some of the best pinball players in the world are women in the Bay Area, enjoying the resurgence of the game that started about five years ago. Since she started Belles & Chimes three years ago, it has inspired a dozen other women’s pinball leagues.

  1. Is this not overt discrimination?

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