LOS ANGELES (CBS SF) — Tempers flared in Los Angeles after a police pursuit ended in the shooting death of a black teen.

Dozens of protesters gathered where the shooting happened, near the corner of 107th and South Western Avenue. Police surrounded and blocked off the area.

It all began Saturday afternoon when officers tried to pull over a car with paper plates on the suspicion the vehicle may have been stolen, according to LAPD Sgt. Barry Montgomery.

MORE ON CBS LA: Officer-Involved Shooting In L.A.

When the driver didn’t stop, a chase ensued.

Police said at one point the passenger in the car bailed and officers pursued him on foot.

Witnesses said they saw the young man run into a backyard.

“We’ve seen the little boy running with the blue shirt on,” said one bystander. “I seen him running with his hands up like ‘don’t shoot me.'”

Neighbors said the officers used too much force because they believe the victim was a teenager.

Police said they found a weapon at the scene.

The driver of the vehicle is still at large.

Comments (13)
  1. Nathan M says:

    Young black males want to get shot, so that they don’t have to go to school where they know they will fail.

      1. James P says:

        Was that the name of the guy who got shot? I thought it would have been Jamal, Jerrome, N’Stash, Mo’ Jones or something like that.

    1. Phillip Long says:

      Or grew up stupid,like you…if you don’t comment,you might keep your bigoted,ignorant a$$ views secret

      1. James P says:

        I think what Nathan is saying is that black males tend to fail at most things in life and therefore they engage in this sort of behavior. If you think about it, he is right. I mean just have to compare cities where there are mainly blacks and cities where there are mainly whites.
        Black people just mess up their own lives even when given the chance to do better. It is just a fact of life that most people want to ignore.

  2. really now! the enemies of G-D, are being persecuted in hell and death as predicted in scripture. and they, only think more idolatry of men is going to keep them safe. even though that, is not how idolatry works.

  3. ZumaMom says:

    Can you imagine if blacks were in charge of everything….they don’t believe in law and order.
    Our society would be a war zone at all hours of the day, chaos, and blood in the streets.

    1. Marley says:

      It would be fried chicken and monkeys dancing in the streets. Basically, it would become what inner-cities are right now.

  4. Low-life criminal got what he deserved. No sympathies.
    B.L.M. = Burning, Looting, Murder.
    The one thing blacks won’t loot from a CVS store: a mirror. Because they would see the *real* cause of their problems.

  5. James P says:

    Why don’t we ask ourselves why you don’t have this sort of nonsense happen in Indian or Polish communities in this country? It might really be because there is a difference between the races and the level of intelligence that exists among different people of different skin colors.
    Why does it hurt so much to acknowledge the real truth?

    1. Marley says:

      That would make too much sense, James. If black people admitted this fact, then it would only confirm what the rest of us already know.

  6. Bobby Booby Gee says:

    Can’t wait for the next young dumb black male to be involved in such an incident. You would think that after a few of these cases that these monkeys would learn, but unlike their primate counterparts these dumber than dirt hommies don’t get the message.
    The worst thing you can allow your daughters to do is be with a black man. You might as well disown her now and move the family to Haiti.

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