OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Two brothers were charged with murder Wednesday for the fatal stabbing of a 36-year-old man inside a Target store in Hayward on Christmas Eve, prosecutors said.

Jesse Archuleta, 25, and Frankie Archuleta, 22, both of Hayward, were charged in Alameda County Superior Court in Oakland Wednesday afternoon for the death of Tyrone Griffin and are scheduled to return to court on Thursday to be assigned attorneys and possibly enter pleas.

Griffin, a Hayward man, was stabbed inside the Target store at 2499 Whipple Road at about 8 p.m. on Saturday and was taken to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, where he was pronounced dead more than two half hours later, according to police.

Nicole Simmons, the victim’s wife, said her husband was inside the store, doing some last minute shopping with the couple’s two children when the unthinkable happened.

A witness said Griffin asked the suspects to turn down some inappropriate music they were playing on their cell phones in front of his children in the toy section.

Hayward police Officer Justin Green wrote in a probable cause statement that Griffin got into an argument with the Archuleta brothers inside the store and at some point it turned into a physical altercation in which Griffin pulled a wine bottle off of a shelf and hit Frankie Archuleta with it.

Green said Jesse Archuleta then stabbed Griffin three times in his upper torso and once in his left arm. Griffin died at the hospital.

He said the Archuleta brothers fled the scene on foot but were later arrested by officers who found them hiding nearby behind a dumpster at the Motel 6 at 30155 Industrial Parkway Southwest.

Green wrote that the Archuleta brothers were both positively identified as the suspects in the altercation with Griffin and that as Jessie Archuleta was being taken into custody he told police that he had carried out the stabbing and was defending himself.

Green said a pocket knife was later found by a police dog along the path that the Archuleta brothers used to flee from the scene.

In addition to murder, Jesse Archuleta is charged with a use of a deadly weapon enhancement for allegedly using a knife to kill Griffin.

Prosecutors said Frankie Archuleta was convicted of felony grand theft of personal property in Alameda County last year.

Nicole Simmons said Christmas was her husband’s favorite time of year, but that now it will never be the same.

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  1. Damn shame about the dead father and someone needs to pay, HOWEVER from the article I can see a self defense case that may mess things up. IF the father had used a wine bottle to FIRST strike another HE was the one who brought deadly weapons into play.

    1. Far too presumptuous.

      There may be retrievable Surv. Video. Most men, when faced against by 2 other men may have to make a Judgement call, esp. where 1 of both threaten or brandish (abt,) a Knife, will almost certainly reach for something 4Protection & defense of him or herself and their Children.

      If Knife was visible on a waistband, pocket, in hand or in any way, w/ or w/o threatening words being exchanged 1 or both of these men may have used in reply to turning down loud music, even I might use a necessary nano-2nd “Pre-emptive-Strike in fear for myself and my children the moment it was visible if it was not immediately possible to leave the area safely, or even partly turn my back, with my Children to move toward the front of the Store.

      1. Presumptive?? All I did was make a remark about what was stated. YOU are the one doing all the presuming. YOU presume there was a knife shown or brandished where there is NOTHING in this article to even suggest this as being the case. PRESUME much ?????
        IF that was even the case, WHY DID THE FATHER NOT DO AS YOU SUGGESTED?????
        Preemptive??/ That is just a LAME EXCUSE for ASSUALTING someone, THAT HAS DONE NOTHING.
        IF a knife is SEEN IN THE BELT of a person that does NOT make that person attack you. Just like owning a gun does NOT MEAN YOU ARE OUT TO SHOOT SOMEONE. Often carried to DEFEND one self from another person who attacks you , with lets say a WINE BOTTLE .

  2. What in the hell are people doing things like this?….awful

  3. Of course they would be Hispanics from Hayward. The filth that we have allowed into this country from south of our border is amazing. They really have contributed very little and clearly have not assimilated well into white culture and that is why we continuously have these sort of stories.

  4. This story is a bunch of bull. There are no shelves with wine bottles in the toy section at Target. Anything to blame the black victim. They murdered this man. Hang them.

  5. Back in the old days, people had enough decency not to play inappropriate music in public, especially with children. Decency seems to have left us. Guess in a sanctuary state, illegals (if they are-be wiling to bet that they are) feel they are above the law. Surely, no Hispanic citizen would be that scuzzy looking.

  6. A crucial piece of evidence is missing and that is the video tape. If the guy attacked and hit one of these brothers then he started the violence, if not then it would be cold blooded murder. The police have to do a thorough investigation. First I read where the music was loud and vulgar. Now I am reading where the words coming from their cell phones were vulgar, but no mention that the music was loud. There are still to many unanswered questions to know who really is at fault or if it is a case of self defense. This could have all been avoided, had this father just went and complained to management and security. That is why you have security in the store. Taking things into your own hands rarely works. If he were that offended he could have complained to management, and removed his son to another part of the store until these guys left. Now the mother has started a Go Fund Me Page. It seems like everyone is doing that whatever happened to life insurance? If one brother stabbed this father why are both brothers being charged with murder? The lesson learned is that it pays to not be confrontational. Always seek out management to handle a situation or learn to walk away. Losing your life is not worth it.

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