WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. safety regulators are ending an investigation into a fatal crash involving electric car maker Tesla Motors’ Autopilot system without a recall, a source confirmed Friday to the Associated Press.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration scheduled a call Thursday about the investigation.

A person briefed on the matter person says Tesla won’t be fined — but the agency will criticize Tesla for confusing customers by calling the semi-autonomous driving system Autopilot. The person wasn’t authorized to provide details because results have not been released and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The investigation began June 28, nearly two months after a driver using Autopilot in a Tesla Model S died when it failed to spot a tractor-trailer crossing the car’s path on a Florida highway.

  1. Tesla had not earned 1 red cent in profit and it’s rapidly running out of cash.
    The company runs on gov’t subsidies and “creative book keeping.”

    This is another Solyndra in the works.

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