SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A defiant San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee took aim at the Trump administration Thursday, telling city residents it was “time to fight” any changes demanded by Washington.

Lee used the annual ‘State of the City’ address to comment on the changing atmosphere in both the nation and Washington.

“Now more than ever I’m grateful to be a San Franciscan,” the mayor said. “Living in a city where we honor and one another and standup for each other. Every year we gather to reflect on accomplishments of the year past and to set ambitious goals for the year ahead. But this year is different because our city’s success stands against a backdrop of a vastly different America.”

Lee’s last comment was in reference to President Donald Trump, who took office last week.

“The election last year and the fallout that continues has shaken our understanding of our country,” he said. “Well, I here with you to say I’m confident that San Francisco will lead the way for the entire nation.”

He said the city’s diverse communities have been shaken by some of the actions Trump has taken in the first days of his administration. On Wednesday, Trump signed an executive order cutting off federal grant money to cities like San Francisco that have ‘Sanctuary City’ laws on the books.

The policy prevents local law enforcement officials from turning over illegal immigrants over to federal immigration officials.

“Since November 8th our city’s compassion, our heart has been tested,” he said. “People say we live in our own world here in California, in San Francisco. Well, I’ll have to say this is just alternative fact … In our America, people are equal, no matter race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.”

“In our America, we embrace our differences and understand that they make us stronger and more vibrant. We are a sanctuary city — now, tomorrow, forever. We refuse to accept the status quo as the best we can do.”

Lee called on San Franciscans to stand up against the Trump administration.

“Now it is time to fight back,” he said. “To guarantee the progress gained in previous decades is not erased. To protect hard-fought victories … civil rights, women’s rights … We haven’t cross the finish line but look at how far we have come.”

“If and when the federal cuts will come,” Lee said as he concluded his speech. “We’ll be united behind our promises and our values. Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready.”

“The state of our city is ready … We’re ready to defend ourselves from cynical attacks from Washington D.C. We’re ready to stand up for what we believe in and we are ready to fight for those who need us.”


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