By Melissa Caen

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — President Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigration is forcing Bay Area leaders to make tough choices.

Some Bay Area mayors say their cities are sanctuary cities no matter what President Trump does.

During his state of the city address on Thursday, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee proclaimed, “We are a sanctuary city now, tomorrow, forever.”

But not all cities in the Bay Area are taking that same hardline stance.

“San Rafael is not a sanctuary city,” said police Lt. Dan Fink. “We assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement for criminal deportee warrants, but we will not assist them when they are doing what they call administrative sweeps within the city.”

And the city of Menlo Park is still deciding on whether to declare itself a sanctuary city and it’s not the only one.

On Tuesday night at a Menlo Park City Council meeting, officials considered whether to become a sanctuary city where police don’t cooperate with immigration officials.

“What we decided to do is look into the sanctuary city,” said Menlo Park Mayor Kirsten Keith. “We want to find out more information and craft a resolution.”

On Wednesday, President Trump signed an executive order directing the Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security to cut federal grants to sanctuary cities.

The loss of federal funds brings new considerations for officials. The sanctuary city label could come at a big price.

“We need to understand what kind of federal funding the city receives and how we want to proceed on that,” said Mayor Keith.

The Menlo Park City Council will meet again in 90 days to consider a sanctuary city proposal.

“We will of course be watching what’s going on around the world, around the country. And that will also probably play into what we decide to do here as well,” Keith said.

Comments (6)
  1. What a boon to ngo donor drives….somebody is gonna be rich (er)…

  2. John Hill says:

    The game is up after 8 years of an un American president who refuse to enforce federal laws he didn’t like. That’s not constitutional so he was anti constitutional. Finally laws are being enforced and chaos and anarchy are being challenged. A country can not survive without the laws being enforced. If California and cities want to fight the federal government go right ahead.

  3. Somerville, <Mass. lasted almost four days-until friday-asa sanctuary city when it became obvious how much the people would loose to gratify the political class' treasonous impulses.
    The whining will begin soon. We had some goofs in Boston make some pro-illegal noises until some cooler heads slapped them upside the head and pointed out the statehouse windows to all those civil war monuments on Boston Common!The silence was both sudden-and very welcome. The last time some treasonous pastiches tried to nullify the constitution, Massachusetts raised over a hundred regimentstostraighteb them out!

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