By Jessica Flores

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The travel ban ordered by President Donald Trump is hitting home for refugees who sought to start a new life in the Bay Area.

One Syrian woman who fled her war torn country only to face an entirely different kind of battle here in the U.S. talked to KPIX 5 about her struggle.


22-year-old Hannan Raowas is studying biology at the College of Alameda. She and her family came to the United States as Syrian refugees two years ago. Now she wants to be a doctor.

“I love America and I want to stay here,” said Raowas.

But Raowas has another love too.

“We talk on the phone like 24 hours,” she explained. “Skype phone calls, messages, everything!”

Her fiance Anas escaped Syria for Turkey. Hannan just got her green card and planned to fly to him, get married and bring him back.

“To see him for the first time, to touch him, to feel him. I miss that,” said Raowas. “I want to see him.”

Her dream is now on hold.

President Trump’s executive order blocks Syrian refugees from entering the United States.

“I don’t blame him. I know it’s his country and he wants to keep it safe from terrorists,” said Raowas. “But you know the refugees who come here, they are not terrorists. They want to live in peace. They want to have a job, house, school and have money.”

All things she is contemplating giving up.

Amid the ongoing confusion at airports nationwide about who will be let in, Raowas said if she leaves to marry, she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to return.

Now, her choice is between her two loves: this country and her fiance.

“Believe me we’ll stay together,” said Raowas. “No one can keep you away, and we will be together soon.”


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