SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — In a unanimous vote on Tuesday evening, members of the Santa Clara County’s Board of Supervisors authorized the county to sue President Donald Trump over his executive order on immigration.

The vote gives Santa Clara County Counsel James Williams the authority to file a lawsuit against Trump, according to the office of Board of Supervisors President Dave Cortese.

Williams said in open session Tuesday evening that Trump’s Executive Order No. 13768 “attempts to withhold virtually all federal funding from local jurisdictions that do not assist with his aggressive immigration enforcement plan.”

The decision was made during a special closed session Tuesday evening, Cortese said.

The board’s vote comes the same day that San Francisco filed a lawsuit against Trump and his administration.

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Williams is expected to file the lawsuit later this week with the aim of blocking Trump’s order.

Trump has threatened to stop the flow of federal funding if local and state governments fail to participate in immigration enforcement.

About $1 billion in federal funding — largely supporting critical health and human services — is threatened in Santa Clara County.

By Hannah Albarazi – Follow her on Twitter: @hannahalbarazi.

Comments (3)
  1. This is lib hypocrisy on full display. When 0bama shafted Cubans in the last week of his miserable presidency, these protesting useful idiots were nowhere to be found.

    This is selective outrage sponsored by DNC and George Soros. More fake news!

  2. Living off the Fed dollar always comes with stipulations. That includes the Fed Education dollars. One must think long and hard before getting money from Fed bureaucrats with an ideological bent. The tide always turns.

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