DANVILLE (CBS SF) — Danville police were searching for the vandals who carved a giant swastika into a hillside.

The Nazi symbol was scrawled into the dirt by a community center on Fountain Springs Circle.

“Shame on you for this,” said the city’s Vice-Mayor Newell Americh. “It’s something that does cause pain for a lot of people. Want to be proactive and find out what happened and why.”

Swastikas are extremely offensive to Jewish people whose ancestors and family members were rounded up, tortured and killed by Nazis in Europe during World War II.

The Vice-Mayor said the town is taking serious action to find out who is responsible.

  1. Suibne Geilt says:

    these are all past tense conversations kids….The democrat traitors are still trying to steal the election. It will come to blood in the streets because it is what they want and what they need. Americans voted them out….they do not have a seat at the table because of the elections. You did that and now they will riot, murder, ahe sssault and attack YOU BECAUSE THEY LOST. The President has a legal right to keep America Safe…..but, don’t think about it because all the talk in the world will not change the left…The only important thing now is ARE YOU READY?…..YOU BETTER BE READY! the supreme court should simply rule on whether ignoring laws is legal or not……why should anybody care what the supreme decides. The left doesn’t

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