By Brian Ives 

Beyonce prominently displayed her pregnant belly as part of her show-stopping GRAMMY performance. Her performance began with a pre-recorded spoken word piece, before Queen Bey, resplendent in a sparkling dress and a crown that created the appearance of sunbeams radiating from her head, actually began to sing.

She soon began singing Lemonade song “Love Drought,” and even while carrying twins, she was able to pull off a show-stopping performance.

She and her backing dancers all danced while sitting on chairs; at one point, Beyonce’s leaned back so far it looked as if she might fall (of course, she didn’t).

She then she went into the bluesy song “Sandcastles.” Neither songs were the among the more high-energy songs on Lemonade, but she was able to turn her pregnancy into a high art piece that was, like the album she’s promoting, artful, risky and challenging.


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