By Christin Ayers

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A Bay Area restaurant that publicized its support for immigrants and sanctuary cities was targeted in a vandalism attack using feces.

Someone smeared the feces on the outside of the restaurant, located in downtown Oakland on Piedmont Ave.

Leemor Benny saw it the second she got to work at Ba-Bite restaurant in Oakland Tuesday.

“It was just disgusting,” said Benny. “It was just everywhere and it just reeked and was foul.”

Ba-Bite’s owner, Robert Gott, believes it was no coincidence. “Someone smeared feces on our door, exactly where we have a sign saying we are a sanctuary restaurant,” said Gott.

Gott posted the sign recently touting that Ba-Bite, which serves middle eastern fare, as a restaurant that proudly supports immigrants and refugees.

“I want this to be a safe place for my staff and for myself and for my customers and this kind of instance takes away that sense of security,” said Gott.

This is the second instance of targeted vandalism at Ba-Bite, said Gott. The first happened the day of Donald Trump was inaugurated.

“We had someone try to break in one of our windows while I was here and was smashing a brick against our window,” said Gott.

Bust customers have rallied around the restaurant, some sending bouquets of flowers, others simply by showing up.

“It’s a great disappointment that that kind of thing still happens and it’s clearly wrong,” said customer Theron Dyble.

Employees said they will not be intimidated, and the sign will remain posted here.

If anything we should make it bigger, said Benny.

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