SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – An immigration judge has ordered a Northern California prostitute convicted of involuntary manslaughter in death of a Google executive to be deported back to Canada, officials said.

In a short statement, James Schwab – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Public Affairs Officer in San Francisco – said that Alix Tichelman had been ordered to be deported by a judge on Thursday.

alix tichelman Prostitute Convicted In Google Execs Overdose Death Ordered Deported“Ms. Tichelman came into U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody after serving time for multiple criminal convictions, including involuntary manslaughter and a felony drug charge.”

“At that point, the agency placed her in removal proceedings. On April 6, an immigration judge held that Ms. Tichelman’s criminal convictions were grounds for removal and ordered her removed from the United States. Ms. Tichelman will remain in ICE custody pending final arrangements for her removal.”

Tichelman, who lived in Folsom, reportedly had dual citizenship from both Canada and the United States.

The 30-year-old was a key figure in one of the most sensational criminal cases in Silicon Valley history.

She was sentenced to six years in jail in May of 2015 in the overdose death of Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes on a luxury yacht moored in Santa Cruz Harbor.

Alix Tichelman, wearing a prison jumpsuit and handcuffs, appears in a Santa Cruz court, July 9, 2014. (CBS)

Alix Tichelman, wearing a prison jumpsuit and handcuffs, appears in a Santa Cruz court, July 9, 2014. (CBS)

According to evidence at her trial, surveillance footage from the yacht showed Tichelman gathering her belongings, including the heroin and needles, stepping over the 51-year-old victim’s body to finish a glass of wine and then lower a blind to conceal the body from view before leaving the boat.

She did not provide first aid or call 911 as Hayes suffered medical complications and went unconscious during the November overdose aboard his 50-foot yacht, Escape. His body was discovered the next morning by the boat’s captain.

Police said Tichelman, who boasted she had more than 200 clients, met her clients through the website,, which purports to connect wealthy men and women with attractive companions. Her clients included other Silicon Valley executives.

Tichelman was released from state prison on March 29th and immediately turned over to federal immigration officials.

Comments (31)
  1. Walking out on someone who has overdosed is common practice in the drug world. Same thing happed to John Belushi.

  2. Deport her and leave a piece of trash like Beiber, who’s always in trouble, live here ? WHAT ?

  3. John Scherf says:

    Too bad she is not a Mexican, then a sanctuary city would get her a nice apartment and all the
    welfare goodies she wanted.

    1. Your willful ignorance is showing on several fronts in such a brief post.

  4. Dave Avery says:

    She was sentenced to six years in jail in May of 2015 in the overdose death of Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes on a luxury yacht moored in Santa Cruz Harbor.

    And she was released on March 2017?

  5. Jon Simon says:

    They paid $4,000 a night to sleep with that thing? UGGGHhh. She is about a 1/10. Pure trash.
    He was married with children, had a yacht. He didn’t need that tramp.

    1. So your morality consists of “What’s a good piece of ass”?

      1. Kenny Brush says:

        Morality and sex? Hard to connect the two. How would you define sex morally? Is Bill Clinton a moral person? How about the mayor of Seattle? Do you consider members of the LGBT group moral? What makes someone moral versus immoral when defined by sex?

  6. Apparently, he never heard of the saying, “There is no honor among thieves, ‘ho’s and junkies”.

  7. Dan Tracy says:

    How do you get deported from a country you supposedly have citizenship in?

    1. MiMi Martin says:

      Yeah really! How do you get deported when you hold dual citizenship? She must have made a deal to get out of jail and leave. Betcha she provided evidence against drug dealers or those other client executives had some of their cronies in law enforcement send her packing. Outta sight outta mind.

  8. Charlie Bear says:

    She is in a sanctuary city in a leftist socialist state – How is deporting her possible when the judges are all aligned to the alt-left deep state organization? Not possible. She will go free, get free housing and medical care all compliments of the alt-left socialist state ! All this is correct right Nancy Pelosi???

  9. Dan Wood says:

    How do you deport an American citizen?

  10. Allen Smith says:

    She will just sneak back in.

  11. What frightens me is the fact that all our most intimate and private information is in the hands of drug addicts at Google.

    1. Goi Do says:

      you pointed a very correct, yet frightening, factor over this story. How much information of all of us those drug addicts will be willing to released when they are under the influence?

  12. Skip Fromla says:

    Dual citizenship? She might have dual citizenship as far as Canada is concerned but the US does not recognize dual citizenship for people 18 and older.

    The US recognizes dual citizenship for children born of US citizens in a foreign country or children born to at least one parent who is a US citizen, e.g. a child born in France who’s parents are US Citizens; a child born in the US with one parent a US citizen and one a French citizen. At 18 that child must choose to be a citizen of either the US or France. If that child chooses to be a citizen of France, that child will not be a US citizen.

    1. Sir: You are confused and talk about matters you know little about. There are millions of people with dual citizenship living in the US, I am one of them.

  13. She’s pretty hot. To bad she’s also mental. But let’s reserve a little of the scorn for the tool who hired her so he could cheat on his wife and children.

  14. Eric Cl says:

    Come on Folks!!! She just trying to make a better life for herself and her family!! You people that want her deported are just racist, Xenophobe’s and hate all immigrants.————- Now doesn’t that sound completely ridiculous?

  15. David Chavez says:

    Will the exploding Dorito propose to build a wall to keep them bad femmes out of America…???

  16. How many Ho’s throughout history had to walk out on a man’s body because HE went too far in whatever it was he was into? Those women number into the millions, im sure. It’s not one bit her fault and any judge who says otherwise isn’t thinking.

  17. Good riddance. We have enough legal people here in the U.S. doing it, we don’t need more.

  18. Ben Zar says:

    A year in jail and deported for manslaughter – seems light.

  19. MiMi Martin says:

    She served less than 2 years of a 6 year sentence. Wonder what she had as bargaining chip?

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