ALAMEDA (CBS SF) — Two people were killed and five others injured in a horrific crash that shut down Park Street in downtown Alameda for nearly nine hours.

According to police, they responded to a 911 call of a crash between a silver truck and a minivan around 8 a.m. at the intersection of Park Street and Lincoln Ave.

Cole Hickman saw the crash and came to the of a woman in the mini-van.

“She was shaking,” he said. “She was really scared. It was a traumatic incident.”

A man and woman in the silver truck which rollover several times were killed. The woman was declared dead at the scene while the man was transported to Highland Hospital where he later died of his injuries.

The Alameda County Coroner’s office identified those victims as 17-year-old Briana Ortega of Hayward and 17-year-old Simon Sotelo.

Five other people in the truck — all in their teens and early 20s — also were injured and transported to the hospital.

Carol Ziogas lives near the intersection where the crash took place. She rushed over with her daughter and her son-in-law to the accident scene.

“There were scattered shoes on the street, papers, debris and everything,” Ziogas told the East Bay Times. “The last passenger was still in the car after the Jaws of Life had taken the roof off and he was kind of sitting there in a daze.”

One witness said the truck was “evading someone and was going fast down Park Street” when it hit the other vehicle and flipped over.

The accident remained under investigation.

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  1. Reyla Graber says:

    Can’t you follow the basic traditional rules of journalism, like” who what when where etc”
    When did this accident happen? There is no date or day indication provided in the article.

  2. Too bad not all of these dumb fukkers died. Oh well, I am sure they are stupid enough to off themselves in the future.
    Thank you Lord for giving us such a wonderful gift this holiday weekend.
    Praise be to you.

  3. To bad above people have ZERO MANNERS !!!!!!!! Prayers to family and friends … KIDS lost their lifes 😦 … @ 8am in alameda on 29th of may 2017 ( incase you dont know what year it is either i included it as well ) … accident happened on intersection ” lincoln and park street .. in the state of California incase you’re not sure what state either … Harper , GOD forbid anything happen to you while youre driving or your family !! I’m sure you’ll think twice about making such comments . PEACE … God dont like ugly just sayn ‘

    1. The chances of these pieces of ghetto garbage being more than Taco Bell workers was slim to none. Stop acting as if irresponsible hommies deserve the same life as good people who live in Los Gatos or similar communities.

  4. I live about a block away and I heard the accident. It was super loud. This is a 25 mile per hour area where cars generally drive slower due to a bunch of street lights and people stopping in the middle of the street to park or make unprotected left turns. The sound of the crash was so loud. Everyone near the accident came out of their houses or businesses to see what happened. I think they must of been going close to twice the speed limit to make that loud of a noise and cause that amount of destruction.

    1. Too bad they not going even faster. Maybe all of this vermin could have been removed from our wonderful state.

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