SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A number of San Francisco and California government officials spoke out about the workplace shooting at the main UPS facility Wednesday that left four people dead.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein issued a statement about the shooting, saying she “was heartbroken to learn that yet another senseless act of gun violence has marred our wonderful city.”


Feinstein, who served as San Francisco’s mayor after the assassinations of then-Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk at City Hall in 1978, said Wednesday’s shooting led her to recall yet another mass workplace shooting in San Francisco, the one at 101 California St. in 1993 in which eight people died.

“Violence is never the answer, but the continuing scourge of gun violence is particularly disheartening,” she said. “As we learn more details of this shooting, I’m hopeful that we can take away lessons to help prevent these acts from occurring in the future.

Sen. Kamala Harris also tweeted a comment about the shooting, asking her followers to “keep the community in your prayers.”


Congresswoman Jackie Speier posted a message on her Facebook page that read, “My heart goes out to the families of the people murdered and wounded in the horrific mass shooting at the UPS facility on San Francisco’s Potrero Hill today. I am also grateful to the first responders and hospital staff for their courageous and immediate response. Senseless gun violence should have no place in our beautiful city or anywhere in our country. I am heartbroken.”

California Gov. Jerry Brown tweeted: “Our thoughts & prayers with everyone impacted by senseless violence today in SF & Alexandria.”

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee issued a statement, offering “condolences and thoughts for the individuals and families affected by the senseless act of violence.”

“We all know the familiar faces of our local UPS drivers and delivery persons,” Lee said. “Today’s tragedy will be felt in every community served by these committed employees.”

Lee also spoke briefly at a press conference a few blocks from where the shooting happened Wednesday afternoon after being briefed by authorities.

The Mayor credited emergency responders who arrived on the scene quickly for saving lives in the incident.

“It could have been worse if they didn’t arrive in time. The 911 call were responded to very well and lives were saved” said Lee.

San Francisco Supervisor Malia Cohen also issued a statement Wednesday morning.

“I am deeply saddened by the tragic shooting that occurred this morning at the UPS facility at 17th and Utah Streets,” the statement read in part. “My thoughts go out to the individuals and families who have been impacted, and I want to express my deep appreciation to the members of SFPD, 911 and San Francisco General Hospital, who addressed this incident quickly and efficiently.”

The shooting came the same day a gunman opened fire on Republican lawmakers at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginiawounding U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana and several others.

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  1. Did you ever notice that the gunman who kills others is actually the biggest COWARD, because instead of paying for his crime and doing the time, he takes the easy way out and commits suicide! We need a plan to take guns OFF the Streets from young criminals, nationawide, its never to late!

  2. UPS is a corrupt company. Their manages are brutal bully’s. I know, I retired there after 31 over worked years, I was belittled, degraded and harassed daily. I routinely was forced to work 12 hour days, while the drivers around me got easy 8 hour dispatches. The union will only help the good ole boys in the click. I’m sure Lam had a similar story; he had a breakdown, I turned to prayer. Believe me if changes are not made it is just a matter of time before it happens again.

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