SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – The craze that has been sweeping the nation has finally made it to the Bay Area – goat yoga.

The team of goats at City Grazing usually spends its time munching on grass, brush, brambles, blackberry bushes, ivy and fennel. But it turns out the little guys are pretty adaptable and have picked up yoga in no time. They now double as Yogoats.

“Whether it’s grazing or stretching, goats are very curious they want to know what are you doing,” said Genevieve Church, City Grazing executive director.

And it’s that curiosity that leads them to nibble on shirts, tug on hair and even hop on backs exposed during downward dog poses.

“They’re zen, they just bring you right in to them,” Lori Shantzis said. “We also talk about them being the punks. They’re kinda like punk rockers. They do whatever they want and it sort of inspires me to just go for it.”

The first Yogoat classes in the Bay Area take place on July 9th. Space is limited. Click the link for more information visit


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