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Red Lobster

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Red Lobster on Century in Inglewood

Service was a bit slow, arrived 5 min prior to closing. The waitress was attentitive once she acknowledge my presence. In ordering my food she provided food alternatives,with an upcharge . But my claim chowder had a small piece of paper in it. Like a piece of straw wrapper. But my straw as in a clear wrapper. Once I saw what it was upon taking it out of my mouth I just put it on the side of the saucer of the soup bowl. I did not bring it to the attention of the server, the soup was 90% consumed. The soup tasted good, the rest of my food was also good the Lobster on Lobster new item on menu. I will return, I live in the community also I left a 15% tip.
June 16, 2014
I really don't like this place. The portions are too small, the prices too high. The wait staff have poor manners. I will not return to this place.
Jemmey C.
June 09, 2014

Red lobster Restaurant Goodyear AZ

Food cold, Wrong food serviced, and delayed service. ask for coconut shrimp and received Cajun, even after discussing with waitress I could not eat spicy food. Took a bite and burned my mouth not from hot food but the extra extra spices. Stomach upset. Waited 20 minutes to be seated in an almost empty restaurant. Bad experience
May 23, 2014
Spoke to our waitress about our skimpy portion on our lobster pizza which looked nothing like the photo ad sitting on the table. The manager came out, spoke to us and kindly removed the charge. This restaurant is clean, we like the atmosphere here, and we always order the pizza when we go to any Red Lobster. They did their best to satisfy us.
Sara C.
May 22, 2014
Went there tonight, the service and food was horrible. We always get the admirals feast and was told that the butterfly shrimp was sold out was told we could substitute with something else so we got the coconut shrimp, you normally get 6 shrimp, haha when we got our food it was only 3 and less of everything else as well. When we first got there she took our drink and food order at the same time since we knew what we wanted, it took 15 mins for her to bring our drinks, salad, and bread, then when we were done, we ordered a mix drink, without even asking if that was all she gave us a check, maybe we might have wanted another, but 5 mins after we got our check she came back out and brought us the little black holder it goes in, and she didn't come back after waiting 10 more minutes to give her a tip. Never will go back again.
Michelle H.
May 18, 2014
Unfortunately this establishment is going down hill. Had horrible service last time around. Will not go back as there are too many better places to eat in town.
Dan W.
April 21, 2014
Not worth the dollars for what you get. Its a rip off. I do not go there anymore. Not what it use to be. The Haddock fish Fry I paid $14 dollars for looked like a child's portion. I got screwed. Never again.
Tony D.
February 25, 2014

Good quality declined

Been eating here a few times a year and this past two visits were awful. Three hours for one visit, not sure more than a few people were working or what then, this last time salad smaller, two "pieces" of tomato, no cucumber, one slice of onion, scallops got smaller if that's possible, and were fishy, drinks went up to 8.50??!! Just not what it used to be. Need to find a new place.
February 24, 2014
Waitstaff/wait time: 6/10 Food quality: 5/10 Pros: -Biscuits and good drink selection -Provides seafood variety Cons: -High price -Inconsistent food quality -Long wait time for food/service
Shawn H.
February 15, 2014
I looooooove this place! Best food EEEEEEEEEEEEEVER!
Janet L.
February 02, 2014
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