Crossroads Cafe

699 Delancey St San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 512-5111
Hours Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sat 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sun 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Books and Tea, my favorite

If your serious about tea and don't want to spend loafs of bread on it, this is your place. A 1/4 pound of tea out the door was less than $4. You cant beat that-anywhere!- This is my new favorite place for tea.\r Also, I didn't find the service bitchy. But then again I myself can be quite severe, awe its a match made in Hades. Yeah for crossroads!
June 28, 2007

Great Food...Horrible attitudes on the few, ruin the many..

Love the food there! And for the most part, the staff is friendly with the exception of really poor attitude from a few of the guys that work there. They are always crabby, and never say ""Thank you"".
February 11, 2007

A great place to relax

This is very laid back spot with comfy chairs and people meeting to chat or working quietly at their tables. The menu is limited, although they make the items that are on it so scrumptiously that that is rarely an issue for me. While their BLT and Tuna Melt are wonderful, their full high tea is unbeatable. A plate full of tea sandwiches, a scone with cream and preserves, and another plate full of Cakes and pastries accompanied by your choice of at least 30 types of tea is only $13! This is enough for at least two people at a fraction of the price at other tea shops. When my sweet tooth is acting up or I just need some peace and quiet I head straight to Crossroads.
June 09, 2006

Great little neighborhood spot

This is just a great little spot in South Beach; kind of an ""insider"" place, off the beaten path but right on the Embarcadero. Food is sandwiches and salads...well, and fudge pie and sweet potato pie and Mitchell's ice cream get the picture. It's easy to loose yourself for hours in the newspapers and magazines. They even have outdoor seating in the most beautiful, peaceful park. Seems to be the favorite spot for the local moms on Fridays! It's a cafe, so its serve yourself, but they are very accommodating.
September 22, 2005

Great find!

This is one of our favorite places to go before a game at SBC! Not crowded and the servers are really friendly. The food is great and is a fabulous deal - especially compared to some of the rip-offs near the ballpark. Buckets or coronitas are worth it, too!
June 20, 2005

I love it there. . .

I love grabbing a coffee there and I have to say that the mediterranean vegetarian plate is delicious! I found the atmosphere upscale with its light wood and funky seating arrangements. In my experience, the service in preparing the drinks took awhile, but the manager himself was wonderful, coming by to say hello, check in on how we felt about the service and seeing if there was anything that he could do. For me, Crossroads is a place to escape to, as I live and work in a different part of the city. I feel comfy there as lots of transplanted east coasters seem to frequent the cafe and talk about their former homes. I love it there!
March 26, 2004

A thirty something yuppie's perspective

The atmosphere is fantastic and the coffee is great. The magazine racks and book selection is thoughtful, varied and invariably induces dawdling. But behind this very comfortable facade is the bitchiest group of service staff I have ever met. It is reminiscent of the soup nazi- you better be ready to order, have a minimum of questions, pay, and get to your seat. Even then it's not unusual for the food delivered to be incongruent with what you had ordered. The food is good, but not remarkably so. The owners and staff are condescending, insufferable, and prissy. I wonder if they feel they are owed something for creating the experience known as Crossroads. This is an open request for a competitior to Crossroads to open their doors nearby. The area is screaming for it!
June 13, 2003

Simply the best

Great service, great menu, great prices, great atmosphere. This is the one of the best places in SF at any price range.
October 24, 2002
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